Telugu Letters Hallulu Worksheets [PDF] 2023


Telugu Hallulu Handwriting Worksheet For Kids (PDF). Download Telugu Hallulu (హల్లుల్ల) vyañjana (consonants) letters writing, drawing, coloring, tracing practice ebook.

  • Total Pages: 144 pages
  • PDF Size: 23 M.B.
  • Printable: YES
  • Page Size: A4
  • Coloring Page: Yes
  • PDF Content: Telugu Alphabets Hallulu Worksheet 36 Letters See table below
  • Design for Play Class to KG (LKG / UKG)
  • Download Sample SHEET of క-ka [PDF]
క-ka ఖ-kha గ-ga ఘ-gha ఙ-nya
చ-cha ఛ-chha జ-ja ఝ-jha
ఞ-na ట-ta ఠ-ta డ-da
ఢ-dha ణ-na త-ta థ-tha
ద-dha ధ-dha న-na ప-pa
ఫ-pha బ-ba భ-bha మ-ma
య-ya ర-ra ల-la వ-va
శ-sha ష-sha స-sa హ-ha
ళ-lla క్ష-ksha ఱ-ra
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Telugu Letters Hallulu Worksheets [PDF] for kids. Download Telugu Consonants – Hallulu (హల్లుల్ల) Tracing, Hand Writing, drawing, coloring, practice book with pronunciation.

Telugu Letters Hallulu Worksheets [36 Letters]

✅ Tracing: Each Telugu Hallulu alphabet has 2 tracing papers for writing practice.

✅ Drawing: Separate section for Telugu Hallulu drawing alphabet

✅ Coloring: There are different coloring sheets are given.

✅ Writing: For Telugu HalluluHandwriting practice extra tracing line sheet is given

✅ Puzzle: Two types of Puzzle activities for each Telugu Hallulu are also added.


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Telugu Letters Hallulu Worksheets [PDF] 2023