About us

Kidsabcd.com, a subsidiary of JbigDeaL®, was established in 2009 to offer learning resources for children. Since our inception, millions of parents, tutors, and teachers have accessed our platform and utilized our materials. Our commitment remains steadfast: to deliver high-quality, free worksheets and affordable workbooks for children.

After investing significant time in creating e-book worksheets for kids, we at JbigDeaL® took a step back to assess their effectiveness. We analyzed what resonated and what didn’t, eventually deciding to craft straightforward, modern, and functional workbooks that are also easy to understand.

We firmly believe that traditional tools like pencil and paper hold unique advantages for learning and practice. Primarily, using paper encourages children to slow down, read thoroughly, and contemplate. Conversely, our interaction with digital screens has conditioned us to skim, make swift judgments, and tap hastily.

As exercises grow more challenging, the freedom to “work things out” manually – be it calculations, sketches, or emphasizing words – becomes invaluable. This tactile method of learning has been effective for centuries. Furthermore, completed worksheets offer a tangible record of progress, readily understood by any parent, tutor, or teacher.

While the digital age offers myriad tools, we advocate for a balanced approach: blending traditional paper-based learning with the benefits of online programs.”

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